The Best Cannabis Podcasts Out Right Now

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There are more than a half-million podcasts in production today — and hundreds of them are devoted to cannabis.

Just starting to sift through them? Here are seven cannabis podcasts we recommend. Load one up on your phone, grab your vape pen, and enjoy.

Getting Doug With High

Not the first podcast to bring cannabis into the studio, but it’s probably the most popular. Hosted by comedian Doug Benson (you might remember his starring turn in the 2007 documentary “Super High Me”), it’s chill, giddy show in which Benson and his guests light up and talk shop. Past guests include Kevin Smith, Sarah Silverman, and Jack Black — making Benson’s show the closest we’ll ever get to trading hits with A-listers.

Listen to Getting Doug with High on Apple Podcasts | Watch Getting Doug with High on YouTube

Doug Benson

Weed + Grub

Comedian Mike Glazer and former High Times editor Mary Jane Gibson (actually her real name) talk cannabis, comedy, cooking, and culture. The free-form show usually involves “smoking and snacking” with celebrities and other guests. Fan-favorite episodes include #47 with Jim Belushi and #21 with the legendary Tommy Chong.

Listen to Weed + Grub on Apple Podcasts

Cannabis & Main

Produced by Civilized, C&M is a series of carefully-researched 20-minute episodes that examine the effects of cannabis on medicine, lifestyle, and drug policy. The show is hosted by Ricardo Baca, a veteran journalist who worked as the Denver Post’s first “Cannabis Editor” in 2013.

Listen to Cannabis & Main on Apple Podcasts

The Roll-Up

This is the official weekly podcast from Leafly. The site’s editors track legalization efforts and unpack the newest stories from the cannabis world. Leafly calls it “the news and culture podcast that hits the sweet spot between stoned and solidarity.” Over the past few weeks, The Roll-Up’s hosts have covered CBD burgers, cannabis banking regulations, and the history of 4/20.

Listen to The Roll-Up on Apple Podcasts

Roll-Up Co-Host Dave Schmader. Image courtesy of Leafly.

What Are You Smoking?

Also from Leafly, this is the sister podcast to “The Roll-Up.” A lifestyle show geared for the curious consumer, it specializes in product reviews and strain recommendations (something we’ve done a little homework on ourselves). Recent guests on the pod have discussed “cannabis etiquette”, why you might not want to take edibles before a flight, and cultivating new strains.

Listen to “What Are You Smoking?” on Apple Podcasts

Hustle Cannabis

Host Chris McKushington (probably not his real name) sits down with budtenders and entrepreneurs to talk about making it in the cannabis industry. He’s interviewed the founders of WeedTube, Solsgreen, and dozens of other startups. A charming and engaging host, McKushington has seen his audience grow quickly — which provides invaluable exposure for his guests.

Listen to Hustle Cannabis on Apple Podcasts

Hustle Cannabis. Image courtesy of Apple Podcasts.

Lit and Lucid

Ayurvedic plant medicine? “Craft” cannabis? CBD jelly beans? You name it, hosts Jarrod and Lucy are talking about it. Veteran connoisseurs, they launched this pod to help educate consumers about all facets of the rapidly-growing cannabis market. Check out their live episode with millennial cannabis entrepreneurs here.

Listen to Lit & Lucid on Apple Podcasts

What’s your favorite cannabis podcast? Did we miss any good ones? Let us know at [email protected].

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