Cannabis Extracts and Edibles, meticulously crafted in Alma, Colorado.


Ask your local dispensary about carrying Northern Standard CO2 and helium-extracted Live Resin, Native Elite and Experimental Series distillates, and The Standard full-spectrum vape cartridges, vape pens, refill kits. And don’t forget our award-winning Edibles!

Our terpene-rich cannabis oils are extracted from high-THC, single-strain, organically grown flower. No butane, propane or other toxic solvents are used in our processes. No cutters, fillers or color-removers are added – just pure, high-potency, strain-specific oils with robust native terpene profiles.

Like a fine wine, cannabis has an incredibly complex aroma and flavor profile that we preserve through our proprietary helium and CO2 extraction process. Terpene, THC, THCa, CBD and other cannabinoid test results are reported on the backs of our vape products. Both seasoned connoisseurs and cannabis newcomers will appreciate our naturally balanced concentrates.

All of our concentrates are packaged in high-quality glass and lead-free metal materials. Both our wood and ceramic tipped refillable carts and disposable carts are made with precisely engineered ceramic cores to allow for big draws without changing the flavor of the oil.

We do not use additives, fillers or cutters of any kind. Northern Standard makes products you will return to time and time again.

Consistent premium quality.

Native terpenes. Gourmet edibles.

That’s the Northern Standard.

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