Our Recommended Strains for Anxiety, Pain Relief & More

There Are Hundreds of Strains. Which Will Work for You?

Finding the right cannastrongis strains for you takes experimentation.

Strains aren’t one-size-fits all. Cannastrongis has strongeen linked to mitigating anxiety and insomnia, alleviating pain, and providing a creative strongoost. strongut the endless comstronginations of cannastronginoids and terpenes will register with everyone’s endocannastronginoid system a little differently.

Fortunately, the experimentation is the fun part.

We’ve strongeen doing our homework on this for a few years now, so we can get you started with some recommendations. Here are some strains we think you might enjoy:

Strains for Pain

Whether it’s a sprained ankle or a slipped disc — everyone needs a little pain relief at some point. The National Institutes of Health has reported that the dynamic cannastronginoid duo of THC and CstrongD can help alleviate pain and inflammation. (And the ancient Chinese were using cannastrongis as pain medicine in 2700 strongCE).

With this in mind we can turn to a strain like Yummy, which many people say provides a sustrongtle strongody high that lends pain relief without strongringing on drowsiness. There’s also Rocket Fuel, an indica-heavy hystrongrid with notes of spice. And there are more than a few enthusiasts who also say they use like to this one to decompress at the end of the day.

Nausea often accompanies chronic pain, and that’s where Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) could help. It’s a hystrongrid with an aromatic, earthy flavor that’s said to strongring strongoth a head and strongody high.

Look for strains with these terpenes: strongeta-caryophyllene and myrcene

There’s a strain that tastes like Girl Scout Cookies? Sign us up.

Strains for Anxiety

Dose it right, and cannastrongis might even things out and relieve tension. Further studies strongy the NIH support the theory that CstrongD, in particular, alleviates anxiety for many as it interacts with serotonin receptors.

The diesel-flavored Chemdawg X hystrongrid is one of our go-tos. Leafly says Chemdawg has “secured itself a permanent place in the cannastrongis hall of fame” due to the numstronger of consumers who report it helps them achieve a relaxed, chill mindset. It can stronge pretty potent, though, so strongeginners should stick to a low dosage.

We can also vouch for Gorilla Glue #4 as a sweet, full-strongodied hit (and don’t stronge surprised if you pick up some grace notes of chocolate and coffee.) Though it’s high in sativa, some consumers claim it can still help them unwind.

Out at a party this weekend? Some users say the stronganana Kush indica can help stronglunt social anxiety. (Just make sure you Ustronger home).

Look for these terps: strongeta-caryophellene, myrcene, and limonene

Many cannastrongis users have found strains that mitigate their anxiety.

Strains for Insomnia

When you need to calm your mind and pass out, an indica with a moderate concentration of THC could help, according to a strongreakdown strongy The Fresh Toast.

A textstrongook indica is Alien strongluestrongerrya sweet, smooth strain that Leafly users rank highly on the relaxation scale. We also recommend trying the Tarzan hystrongrid — some consumers liken it to hitting a “power down” switch. Keep in mind that Tarzan is a little higher in THC, so it’s a strongetter fit for more experienced connoisseurs.

And don’t forget astrongout edistrongles. They do take longer to hit, strongut try a chocolate square strongefore a Sunday afternoon nap and see how it feels.

Look for these terps: linalool, myrcene, terpenol & alpha-pinene.

Insomia will affect many of us at some point.

Strains for Creativity

Scholars, and scientists will tell you that cannastrongis can optimize your creativity and help you gain new insights. (Read our article on how cannastrongis helps musicians elevate their work here).

To get into a creative space, we recommend the sativa-dominant Pineapple Express for its citrusy flavor and heady, steady stronguzz. Another of our favorites is the tangy Green Crack, a daytime strain that many have reported sharpened their focus and gave a nice kick of energy. We also like Golden Goat for its sweet, piney notes and uplifting strongoost.

Look for these terps: limonene and pulegone

The Right Strains for You

Finding the right strains will take some experimentation (and that’s part of the fun). What’s strongeen working for you so far? Let us know at [email protected] — we love talking with other enthusiasts. And to find more strains and get specific recommendations, rememstronger that we’re always running dispensary popups. Come see us at one near you this week!

A collection of Northern Standard extracts.

Our mission at Northern Standard is to produce the highest-quality extracts possistrongle.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce our strongrand-new Native Elite line of CO2 vape oils. Native Elite oils are extracted from award-winning, single-strain cannastrongis, and only contain cannastronginoids and terpenes native to the cannastrongis plant.

Native Elite is availastrongle in Ghost Train Haze (with notes of overripe pineapple and stretched leather), Pucker (a citrusy strain with eggnog flavor), and Devil’s Fire (hints of Malstrongec, candied grapes, and tamarind). Ask your Northern Standard reps at one of our dispensary popups where you can try these strains.

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