Toxic Kool Aid is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is created by crossing the Amnesia Haze and the White strains.

Amnesia Haze, which has South Asian and Jamaican origins, is an uplifting strain that is sometimes described as “the perfect sativa.” It has also taken home several top prizes at cannabis cup contests. Meanwhile, the White, Toxic Kool Aid’s other parent, is a potent strain known for its balanced head and body highs.

Toxic Kool Aid takes its name from the cult-associated saying “drink the kool-aid,” which in some way may be appropriate for this strain, as it is amassing a devoted following of its own in the cannabis scene.

This strain has a 70/30 sativa/indica ratio and an average THC level. Though it is indeed a sativa, Toxic Kool Aid is often described as a potent “heavy hitter,” and it’s known to lend a stony high that is best recommended for evening use.

Toxic Kool Aid’s effects generally start off with a subtle mental boost, which then transitions into a heavy, full-body high that wraps one up in a feeling of heavy sedation. WestWord reviewed Toxic Kool Aid in 2017, and the writer described the strain’s high as “absentminded” and a “sugar packet that will punt your intelligence out of bounds for a few hours.”

Others remark that Toxic Kool Aid gives them an “aloof, spacey high” that may make it hard to carry out even ordinary tasks. For these reasons, Toxic Kool Aid is definitely recommended for experienced consumers.

Overall, consumers say that Toxic Kool Aid leaves them feeling relaxed, euphoric, or happy.

Toxic Kool Aid is intensely sweet, and some describe its taste as “syrupy.” It also has subtle berry flavors and a strong, earthy citrus aftertaste.

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