Super Sour Lemon is a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is a cross between the Lemon OG and California Sour strains.

Lemon OG, itself a cross between Las Vegas Lemon Skunk and The OG #18, is known for its skunky aroma and quick-acting effects. Meanwhile, California Sour (also called Cali Sour) is a hybrid of Lemon Diesel and Sour Lemon OG that consumers say is an euphoric and uplifting selection.

Super Sour Lemon generally has a 65/35 indica to sativa ratio and an average concentration of THC. Its head high arrives quickly in the form of a heady rush that imbues one with a healthy boost of energy and excitement that some say makes them feel “ready for an adventure.” A prime strain for those with active or creative lifestyles, Super Lemon Sour gives a “clean” rush of energy that allows consumers to stay focused, and some also note that there is no crash or anxiety as the strain wears off.

One reviewer says that Super Lemon Sour is the “perfect treat on a warm summer day.” Super Lemon Sour was also reviewed by Westword a few year ago, and the writer reported that its elevating effects make one feel like they can “catch a rising star.”

The body high, which arrives after this initial burst of energy, has been described as pleasantly numbing, and some say it mitigates little aches and pains.

Overall, consumers say that Super Sour Lemon leaves them feeling happy, focused, energetic, creative, or uplifted.

Super Sour Lemon has a sweet, earthy, and sour flavor, with hints of lemon and lime. Its aroma is similar, and best described as a mix of sweet lemon and sour apple, and these fruity notes will tend to linger on the tongue after the exhale.


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