Strawpicanna, created by the Oni Seed Company, is a hybrid cannabis strain that is created by crossing the Tropicanna Cookies and Strawnana strains.

Tropicana Cookies, which is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie, is an energizing sativa known for its cerebral high. And Stawpicanna’s other parent (and namesake strain) Strawnana, is an indica strain favored for its sweet, fruity flavor and creativity-inducing high.

Strawpicanna has a very high THC concentration, but consumers say it doesn’t affect them as strongly

Consumers generally say that Strawpicanna hits on the heady end of the spectrum, and imbues one with a vibrant cerebral stimulation. The effects, which take hold short shortly after the first pull off the vape, will likely create feelings of happiness and relaxation. One reviewer remarked that it left her with a “stoned smile” on her face, and she was able to go about her daily activities and “go for a walk in the park” after vaping it.

Consumers may not find Strawpicanna to be particularly inebriating, and it probably won’t leave one with a “cloudy,” distracted feeling. Since Strawpicanna’s high won’t lead to a couchlock (or bedlock), consumers can probably enjoy it either at night or during the day.

Some also remark that vaping Strawpicanna is a pleasurable experience, as its terpenes lend themselves to extended vaping sessions (if one’s schedule allows).

Overall, consumers say that Strawpicanna leaves them feeling relaxed, euphoric, happy, or creative.

Most agree that Strawpicanna’s flavor lives up to its name, and it is quite heavy on fruit and strawberries, and it also features some spicy nuances. Its aroma it said to fill the air with a lovely, fruity, and delicious-smelling vapor.

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