Sour Tangie, first cultivated by DNA Genetics, is a hybrid strain created by crossing the East Coast Sour Diesel and Tangie strains.

Sour Tangie’s first parent, East Coast Sour Diesel (sometimes simply called ECSD) is known to be a fact acting, mood boosting strain with a pleasantly sour lemon smell.

Meanwhile, Sour Tangie’s other parent (and namesake strain) Tangie is a sativa cross of California and Skunk-1. It started out as a popular Amsterdam strain, but is now quite popular in the American cannabis market, and it is beloved by many consumers for its relaxing effects and refreshing tangerine aroma.

Sour Tangie generally has an 80/20 sativa to indica ratio and an average THC concentration. It

Sour Tangie is a potent and intense cannabis strain. Due to its strong effects, it’s mostly recommended for experienced consumers. Novices and newcomer cannabis enthusiasts should make sure they only partake conservatively.

Most consumers say that Sour Tangie’s effects arrive quite quickly in the form of a “buzzing high” that lends one increased energy and focus. It can also facilitate divergent thinking, making it an ideal creative aid for consumers working on a project. This cerebral buzz may also help consumers enjoy mundane activities such as doing the chores a little more.

Sour Tangie will also give consumers a relaxed, warm body high that leaves them in a state of pleasant lethargy. However, many enthusiasts do say that this body high is not too heavy, and so they are able to enjoy this relaxation without passing out.

Overall, consumers say that Sour Tangie leaves them feeling happy, uplifted, euphoric, energetic, or creative. Some also say that Sour Tangie can be enjoyed as an aphrodisiac.

Sour Tangie has a fruity flavor profile and it will upon exhale will fill the air with a strong diesel aroma, courtesy of its parent strain East Coast Sour Diesel.

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