Rocket Fuel, which was first developed by the Colorado company 303 Seeds, is an indica-dominant hybrid that is a cross between Jet Fuel OG and Face Off OG.

One of Rocket Fuel’s parent (and namesake) strains, Jet Fuel OG, is a sweet, pungent strain that provides an uplifting, high-energy jolt that eventually leads into a dream-like state of relaxation. Rocket Fuel’s other parent, Face Off OG, is an indica-dominant hybrid that takes its name from the Nicolas Cage/John Travolta action movie (as consumers say its high makes them feel like they are “losing their faces.”

Rocket Fuel has about a 15/85 sativa to indica ratio, and an average THC content. It generally has a balanced effect on experienced consumers, but since it tends to be quite potent (which is to be expected with a name like “Rocket Fuel,”) newer cannabis enthusiasts should partake in moderation if they want the best results.

Consumers say that Rocket Fuel can bring on a cerebral high after the first puff that helps with motivation and concentration. Some also say that the first hit of this strain makes them feel happy, euphoric, and giggly. Consumers should be ready to “blast off,” as Rocket Fuel’s effects can arrive quickly and take one “high up into the clouds.”

Rocket Fuel’s ensuing body high is said to be very relaxing, and can help bring consumers into a quiet, introspective moment. Or, when vaped in higher doses, it will probably put one into a deep sleep.

Overall, consumers say that Rocket Fuel leaves them feeling euphoric, relaxed, uplifted, happy, or focused.

Rocket Fuel’s flavor has been described as diverse and memorable. Its most prominent flavor is diesel, and it is also layered with others including pine, herbs, and nuts. It also leaves a sweet aftertaste in the mouth upon the exhale.

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