Pure Gold is a modestly-potent hybrid strain. There is not much definitive information about this strain; it’s unclear what its heritage is or what its composition. What we do know about Pure Gold is that it likely originated in California, and its medicinal iteration has been popular in the state’s cannabis scene for some time.

Pure Gold has traditionally been relatively hard to find, but since it’s regarded as such an enjoyable strain, consumers used to recommend acquiring it whenever one came across it in a dispensary (as one could never be sure when they would get the next chance to purchase it).

While we don’t know exactly how much of this strain is made up of THC and how much of it is CBD, anecdotal reports suggest that it doesn’t have a particularly strong concentration of either.

Most consumers describe Pure Gold’s initial high as “fun,” and that it packs a “full-on punch” that can alter one’s state of mind in a positive way.

Pure Gold’s happy head high will soon transition into a sleepy body buzz. Consumers report feeling a deep, satisfying relaxation that results in a prolonged, sluggish couch-lock. (One reviewer gave Pure Gold an 8.5 out of 10 on the “Stoned Meter.”) For these reasons, Pure Gold is mostly recommended as an evening or bedtime strain.

Overall, consumers say that Pure Gold leaves them feeling happy, creative, relaxed, or sleepy. Some say that it can also stimulate the appetite.

Pure Gold’s flavor profile is often described as pleasing, and it included distinct notes of lemon, vanilla, and wood. Its aroma is quite skunky, and has some hints of lemon that become apparent upon exhale. Due to its taste and flavor, some say that Pure Gold is a “beautiful dessert strain” that is ideal for vaping after dinner.

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