Jack Flash is a hybrid strain that is created by crossing the genetics from the Jack Herer strain with two other strains, Super Skunk and Haze.

Jack Herer is an award-winning sativa-dominant strain named after famed cannabis activist Jack Herer. Meanwhile Jack Flash’s Super Skunk parent is an indica with bold, relaxing effects. And Haze, which has also been called Original Haze and Haze Brothers, is a classic California strain known to bring a high-energy “creative” high.

Jack Flash has been a part of the cannabis scene for quite a while; it was first created by a Dutch company, and it won the Dutch High Life Cup in 1998.

A balanced strain, Jack Flash generally has a 45/55 sativa-to-indica composition and an average THC content.

Jack Flash’s effects come on quickly (it takes part of its name from its ability to induce a high in the consumer in a “flash”). Although it is an indica-dominant strain, many consumers say that they experience sativa-based cerebral effects after vaping it. Consumers say that it can take them “from restless and energetic to calm and relaxed” within a short period.

Expect the initial high to fade about thirty minutes after vaping, and it’s at this point that the body buzz will slowly settle in, bringing about a calm lethargy. Jack Flash can also bring on the munchies, which may help for anyone with a lack of appetite.

Overall, consumers say that Jack Flash leaves them feeling happy, uplifted, euphoric, energetic, or creative. Some also report that Jack Flash can act as an aphrodisiac.

Jack Flash’s flavor profile is sweet and fruity, with hints of wood. One reviewer says that flavor evokes “memories of citrus fruits on a cool summer night.”

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