Golden Goat is a hybrid that is created by crossing the Hawaiian-Romulan and Island Sweet Skunk strains.

Hawaiian is a sativa-dominant strain that is known to bring consumers a happy, creative high. And Golden Goat’s other parent, Island Sweet Skunk, is created by crossing Sweet Pink Grapefruit and Skunk #1. Similar to Hawaiian, Golden Goat is also popular for its energetic and uplifting effects – as well as its sweet, skunky flavor.

Golden Goat was apparently first developed by accident, when a male Hawaiian-Romulan plant pollinated a female Island Sweet Skunk plant that happened to be close by on a cultivator’s farm Kansas.

The version of Golden Goat that is enjoyed by consumers today generally has a 70/30 indica to sativa ratio and an average concentration of THC.

Like its parent strains, Golden Goat is said to stimulate creativity and can lend inspiration to artistic pursuits. Some consumers also say that it is a very social strain that can facilitate conversation and laughs and make one feel comfortable in their environment. Inexperienced consumers should stick with low doses, as Golden Goat’s potency could bring on a bit of anxiety if they hit the vape too frequently.

Golden Goat’s body high is said to be uplifting and stress-free, and if consumed at higher doses it can trend toward sedation and bring one into a couchlock (or “bedlock.”)

Golden Goat’s effects generally last between one and two hours.

Overall, consumers report that Golden Goat leaves them feeling happy, uplifted, euphoric, energetic, or relaxed.

Golden Goat’s flavor profile can be described as a potpourri of fruity, sweet, sour, and spicy tastes. Some say that Golden Goat’s flavor also continues to linger long after its effects have worn off. It usually has an aroma of lemon zest and cherry.

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