Flo is a sweet-flavored, sativa-leaning hybrid created by crossing the Purple Thai and Afghani Indica strains.

Purple Thai, which is also known as Oregon Thai, is an energizing sativa that descends from Highland Oaxacan Gold and Chocolate Thai. Flo’s other parent, Afghani Indica, is a strain renowned for its relaxing effects. It also goes by the name Afghan Kush, as it’s rumored to have first been produced in the Hindu Kush mountains along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

These two strains combined to give us the versatile, balanced Flo, which won the top prize at the Cannabis Cup in 1996 and has remained quite popular ever since. Flo’s genetics are similar to the strain Blueberry, which is another award-winning fixture in the cannabis scene.

Many consumers report that Flo brings a “feel-good head buzz,” and feelings of happiness and overall contentment. Flo is said to also be a favorite of creative-minded people, who say it helps elevate the senses and can kickstart a desire to bring artistic work to life. Flo’s cerebral high can generally last for a few hours, but consumers will tell you that Flo’s effects do not hit particularly hard, and this lets them focus on the task at hand after vaping.

Flo also brings on a warm, calm body high. However, its high isn’t too overwhelming, meaning that relatively inexperienced consumers can enjoy vaping it.

Overall, consumers say that Flo leaves them feeling happy, uplifted, euphoric, relaxed, or energetic.

Unlike most strains, which can smell skunky, Flo has a pleasant grape-like aroma, and consumers enjoy its fruity taste, which is tinged with the slight presence of floral elements and pine.

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