Pillow Factory is an evenly-balanced hybrid strain that is created by crossing the Black Fire and   strains.

Both Black Fire and Mandarin are slightly indica dominant hybrid strains (60% indica/40% sativa).

Black Fire, an indica, is an award-winning cross of the infamous White Fire OG and Afghani Cultivar strains, and it is known for its hard-hitting, long-lasting effects. Meanwhile, Mandarin  is a calming cross between OG Kush and Master Kush that carries a creamy orange terpene profile and undertones of spicy gas.

This strain has an above-average THC level that brings on what some consumers call “impressive” effects. The high kicks in shortly after inhalation as a “cerebral tingle.” Its physical effects then arrive, slowly spreading through the body. Consumers say this feels like a “radiant glow” that takes about an hour to fully settle in. A few years ago, Pillow Factory was reviewed in Westword, and the writers noted Pillow Factory’s “creeper” effects that came on slowly, eased mental tension, and then snowballed into “full-on sedation.”

Pillow Factory can also lull one to sleep without “zapping energy levels” or “turning into a baked potato,” making it an ideal choice for busy consumers looking for a relaxing strain.

Despite its powerful THC levels, it’s said that Pillow Factory can still be enjoyed by consumers of all experience levels. (One consumer said that Pillow Factory is a subtle, well-balanced strain that won’t “freak out” newcomers).

Overall, consumers say that Pillow Factory leaves them feeling relaxed or euphoric

Pillow Factory has a bright, citrus flavor that is accompanied by a heavy hint of spice on the taste buds. It also has a heavy earthy herbal aroma that becomes apparent upon exhale.

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