Lipsmackers is an indica-leaning hybrid strain created by crossing the Sherbert and Strawberries & Cream strains.

Strawberies & Cream is a cross between a Strawberry mother and a Cookies and Cream F2 male. It’s an energizing, happy strain with an enticing taste profile.

Meanwhile, Lipsmackers’ other parent strain, Sherbet, is an indica-leaning hybrid with very potent effects. It is said to exhibit many of the full-body effects of its ancestors, which include OG Kush, Cherry Pie, and Durban Poison.

Lipsmackers is believed to have been originally bred by Exotic Genetix, can be hard to find in many cannabis markets. However, it’s becoming more popular with each passing year. It’s usually described as having a clean, clear high, and is versatile enough to be enjoyed by consumers of all experience levels.

This strain has well-balanced cerebral and body effects. Most consumers say that first experience a sense of euphoria shortly after the first pull off the vape, and it will generally leave the consumer feeling uplifted and happy for a little while. The mental boost Lipsmackers brings can help creatives, or anyone who needs to get things done, focus on what’s in front of them.

Since it brings a comfortable high that is not overwhelming, Lipsmackers could be an ideal social strain for many consumers.

The cerebral effect of Lipsmackers is usually accompanied by a profound body high. Consumers describe it as a special form of stoniness that leaves them calm and relaxed.

Overall, consumers say that Lipsmackers leaves them feeling happy, focused, uplifted, or creative.

Lipsmackers is generally described as having a deep fruity aroma that is reminiscent of berries, citrus, and sweet cream. The aroma is lusciously fragrant, and will probably leave a pleasant aftertaste on the tongue upon exhale.

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