Dosidos is an indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing the heavyweight Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) strain with the “body-melting” Face Off OG.

Dosidos’ Girl Scout Cookies parent, which is a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison, brings on euphoric effects and lends the consumer full-body relaxation. And its other parent, Face Off OG, gets its name from the classic Nicolas Cage/John Travolta action movie, since some consumers say it’s so powerful that it leaves them feeling like they’re “losing their face.”

Both of Dosidos’ parents are among the most potent strains available, and they lend the consumer heady highs and heavy full-body couchlock effects. With such powerful genetics and an above-average THC content, Dosidos is mostly recommended for serious cannabis users.

Dosidos will take hold on the consumer very quickly after inhalation. Consumers say that it “hits you pretty fast” and can inspire “psycho-activity” through improved focus. They also report that their “thoughts flow more easily” and it makes them more analytical. Dosidos brings about a cerebral stimulation that can leave one uplifted and in a great mood.

As Dosidos’ body effects take hold, consumers may feel a light tingling, followed by a deep, relaxing body high. Many say that this body high can help balance out Dosidos’ cerebral stimulation and keep them from feeling too, “buzzy,” which in turn allows them to be more talkative in social settings.

The best time to vape Dosidos depends on how it affects the individual consumer. Those who find it brings them a nice energy boost should partake during the day, while those who find themselves very relaxed after vaping should stick to evening use.

Overall, consumers say that Dosidos leaves them feeling relaxed, euphoric, happy, sleepy, or uplifted.

Dosidos has an impressive flavor profile. It feels sweet and slightly minty in the mouth, and the consumer may catch a floral sensation and undertones of fresh oil and on the exhale.

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