Dominion Skunk is a popular hybrid strain with an interesting background. Cultivators started off by crossing Skunk VA Chemdog – a pungent East Coast strain with a diesel-y smell – and Skunk#1, which is a potent strain known for its sour skunkiness and high-energy buzz. The resulting strain was then crossbred with Skelly Hashplant, a spicy strain that’s one of the most sought-after indicas in the Pacific Northwest cannabis scene.

These crossbreeding experiments created Dominion Skunk – which, as many consumers agree, is indeed very “skunky.” This is thanks to its ancestors’ pure landrace origins.

Dominion Skunk is an indica-leaning strain from Dominion Seed Co. As it’s made up of about 60% indica and 40% sativa, it’s a relatively balanced strain, which means that Dominion Skunk can be consumed by night or by day. Some consumers report that they have been able to be active after vaping it.

Dominion Skunk’s effects can be described as stony, and they hit the mind and body in equal measure – with the cerebral effect generally set in a little while after consumption. Some say that Dominion Skunk helps them get in tune with their surroundings more easily, and others report that it lends them a blissful feeling that leaves them smiling and thoroughly relaxed.

Overall, many consumers say that Dominion Skunk leaves them feeling uplifted, happy, and energetic. And as it can bring on the munchies, it could be a good pre-meal option for consumers.

Dominion Skunk is reported to also have a sweetness that is at odds with its slightly sharp aroma. Others note that it carries an earthy aroma, mixed with hints of musky jasmine and it can leave a pleasant taste of intense wood and fruitiness upon exhale.

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