Birthday Cake also goes by the names Birthday Cake Kush or Wedding Cake – and all of these names are fitting for a strain that carries such a sweet vanilla taste.

A hybrid, Birthday Cake is a cross of the Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie strains. Girl Scout Cookies, which itself is made by crossing OG Cookies with Durban Poison, is known for its sweet, pungent flavor profile that carries notes of mint and cherry. Cherry Pie, meanwhile, is also derived from Durban Poison (its other parent is Granddaddy Purple) and it brings the user into a quick relaxation that can then last for a few hours.

Birthday Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with a high THC percentage, which means that this strain is recommended for more experienced consumers.

Birthday Cake is a fast-acting strain that starts off with feelings of happiness and euphoria. The consumer can also look forward to a clear-headed, cerebral buzz that can chase away anxiety.

Later into the high, Birthday Cake can bring a calming body high that makes it ideal for relaxing activities. It can also help the consumer achieve a deep, peaceful sleep.

Overall, most consumers report that Birthday Cake leaves them feeling relaxed, happy, euphoric, or sleepy.

Considering that both its parents (Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie) are sweet-smelling strains, it’s no surprise that Birthday Cake itself carries an almost saccharine flavor. Upon exhale, consumers may also notice the strain’s pungency carries a pleasant vanilla overtone – which makes this strain a good after-dinner choice.

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