Alien Blueberry, also called Blue Alien, created by crossing the Blueberry and Alien Kush strains.

Alien Blueberry’s first parent (and one of its namesake strains), Blueberry is a cross of strains Purple Thai and Thai, and is regarded as an “A-list” cannabis strain that won the High Times’ Cannabis Cup for Best Indica. It’s known for bringing the consumer a sense of long-lasting euphoria.

Meanwhile, Alien Blueberry’s other parent, Alien Kush, is a California strain that originally descends from the strain Alien Dawg. Most consumers say that it leaves them feeling “spacey,” and can also provoke heightened brain activity that can bring on pseudo-psychoactive effects.

Alien Blueberry lends the consumer myriad indica effects, which kick in shortly after the first pull off the vape. Consumers usually first experience a sense of mild euphoria and “dreamy” cerebral effects that can make one feel more comfortable within their environment. Others say that Alien Blueberry lives up to its name by bringing them a high that is “out of this world.”

The strain’s body high will likely take the form of an all-encompassing full-body calm that will have the consumer couch-locked. This relaxation will soon, most likely, turn into a full-on sedation that brings about a deep, peaceful sleep. Consumers say that the high is “very potent,” meaning that newcomer cannabis enthusiasts should “start low and go slow” when vaping Alien Blueberry. More experienced consumers may be able to vape Alien Blueberry without being overwhelmed by its potency.

Overall, consumers say that Alien Blueberry leaves them feeling relaxed, euphoric, sleepy, happy, or uplifted.

Alien Blueberry’s flavor profile is very sweet and “very berry,” making it a great after-dinner selection. The aroma is also very sweet, leading one reviewer to say that it felt like he was “vaping Fruit by the Foot.”

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