Tally Mon (also known as “Tally Man”) is a balanced hybrid created by crossing the Papaya and Banana Do-si-do strains.

One of these parent strains, Papaya, is a stony, mango-flavored indica with mood elevating effects. It’s a strong strain that derives much of its effects from the pure landrace Afghani Indica in its heritage. Meanwhile, Banana Do-si-do (a combination of Do-Si-Do #22 and Banana OG F3) is a pungent, indica-leaning hybrid with a fruity scent that is known for its euphoric and sedative effects.

While Tally Mon’s parent strains are indica-dominant, Tally Mon is actually an even balance between indica and sativa.

Tally Mon has a relatively high THC content, and due to this it’s recommended for more experienced consumers. Consumers say its head high and body high kick in soon after inhaling. Tally Mon’s cerebral effects have been described as a “form of narcotic pleasure,” with consumers enjoying trance-like euphoria for a few hours. Some say that it frees up their minds, quieting any anxious internal chatter so they can be more focused and creative.

Due to its Banana Do-si-do parent, Tally Mon’s body high provides a surreal level of relaxation. It gives a “pleasant rush of laziness,” with some consumers preferring to use it as a sleep aid or enjoy it when they’re watching a movie on the couch. Some other consumers report that Tally Mon is a great post-workout choice, and it can also be good for a date night.

Overall, consumers say Tally Mon leaves them feeling relaxed, blissful, energetic, sleepy, or hungry.

Tally Mon’s flavor profile, which is heavily influenced by its parent strains, is classically sweet and earthy, with a spicy aroma and herbal overtones.

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