Laffy Taffy is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that is a cross of the Banana OG and Pestilence strains.

Laffy Taffy’s Banana OG parent, which itself is a cross between OG Kush and Banana, has the aroma of “overripe bananas” and lends consumers a relaxing, yet functional high.

Pestilence, on the other hand, is an indica-dominant strain that is created by crossing the strains Abusive OG and West Coast Dawg. Pestilence takes its name from one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and it offers a heavy high that many consumers say is ideal for the end of a long, hectic day.

Laffy Taffy is a predominantly sativa strain that consumers say has given them “superb, mind-blowing highs.” Many also say that they cycle through a number of delightful feelings after inhaling.

Soon after the first vape, consumers will probably experience a light, blissful feeling, and they’ll also find that they are more relaxed and focused. This strain is suitable for those seeking energy boost to go through a long and busy day. Many users also report that this helps to improve creativity and stimulate free-associative thoughts, making Laffy Taffy a good choice for creative professionals looking for a creative aid or for anyone with a long to-do list.

Laffy Taffy’s physical effects slowly spread through the body, and many consumers say it eases muscle tension. Some say that it brings on the munchies after a few hits on the vape.

Overall, consumers say that Laffy Taffy leaves them feeling energized, alert, euphoric, or focused.

Laffy Taffy’s flavor profile is best described as a sweet mixture of berries, candies, and spices, and it also has a refreshingly pungent aroma on the exhale.

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