Super Lemon MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies) is a heavily sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing the Lemon Miracle Alien Cookies (Lemon MAC) and Super Silver Haze strains.

Lemon MAC traces its direct lineage back to Lemon Haze and Miracle Alien Cookies, and is popular among consumers for its hazy, euphoric highs. And Super Lemon MAC’s other parent, Super Silver Haze, is a heady cross between Skunk and Northern Lights that brings the consumer an energetic, longlasting body high.

A potent sativa, Super Lemon MAC is ideal for morning or afternoon use. Its quick-onset effects start with a cerebral high that takes hold soon after inhalation. Super Lemon MAC will deliver a sense of high-flying energy and creativity that will help consumers with brainstorming and visualization, or simply give them the boost they need to get some work done. Meanwhile, some consumers also say that Super Lemon MAC helps them become more open and talkative in social situations.

The cerebral high of Super Lemon MAC is balanced out by a relaxing, persistent body high that helps the consumer recharge and reset.

Overall, consumers say that Super Lemon MAC leaves them feeling energetic, uplifted, clear-headed, or relaxed. Its effects are quite manageable, however, with consumers saying it doesn’t bring them into a couchlock.

Sweet and potent, Super Lemon MAC is renowned as one of the most delicious West Coast sativas.  It has a sharp, sour, lemon flavor, which it gets from its limonene terpenes, that tingles the taste buds upon inhale and exhale. Its aroma is quite refreshing, and smells of sour citrus and gassy musk with the occasional hint of burning sage. Consumers say that Super Lemon MAC’s inhale is quite smooth and refreshing. 

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