Pucker is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is created by crossing Lemon G, Triangle Kush, and Chem 91.

Lemon G, a descendent of Original G13, is a potent, invigorating, and popular Midwest strain with euphoric effects. One of Pucker’s other parents, Triangle Kush, is an indica that is known for its capacity to stimulate creativity and also provide relaxing effects. And Chem 91, also called Chemdawg 91, is a pungent strain that descends from a Thai landrace strain.

While Pucker has yet to go mainstream in the American cannabis scene, some consumers say that it’s only a matter of time before this happens, as its “unique blend of earthy, citrus notes are primed for the A-list.”

Pucker is not to be confused with Pucker OG, which is a strain that has different genetics.

Pucker has a terpene profile made up of limonene and caryophyllene and an above-average concentration of THC, meaning it’s generally recommended only for experienced consumers.

Most consumers agree that Pucker’s high kicks in almost immediately, providing an uplifted mood boost along with a swell of creativity. This makes Pucker a good selection for creatives working on a task, or anyone seeking a bit of focus to make them more productive. One reviewer described Pucker’s high as “a fun hurry” that also doesn’t bring about any anxiety, which makes this strain a good option for daytime vaping.

Overall, consumers say that Pucker leaves them feeling energetic, uplifted, motivated, or happy.

Pucker’s flavor profile is said to be “deliciously citrus,” with pronounced lemon and orange notes, which is followed by some mild spices on the aftertaste. Its aroma is earthy, musty, and sour, and also carries some sweet notes upon the exhale.

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