Lucky Charms is a hybrid cultivated by crossing the strains Sweet Appalachia and The White.

Sweet Appalachia, which is descended from Green Crack and Tres Dawg, delivers a dreamy cerebral buzz and relaxing full body effects. And Lucky Charms’ other parent, The White, is a somewhat mysterious strain with unknown genetics (due to breeder secredy) renowned for its subtle taste profile and bringing a balanced head/body high.

Lucky Charms has received much attention in the cannabis scene, much of it due to its name – in 2013, High Times mentioned the strain on its list of “15 Super-Potent Strains with Awesome Names”. Meanwhile, WestWord wrote a short piece on Lucky Charms a few years ago calling it a versatile “five-tool player” strain (to borrow the baseball metaphor).

Lucky Charms generates intense effects that can take hold quickly. Consumers typically experience happy, relaxed, or euphoric feelings (with some saying that it brings them to the “end of the rainbow” and makes them feel giggly.) Due to the psychoactive qualities of its parent strains, creatives have found that Lucky Charms provides cerebral effects help them focus on their endeavors. Some consumers say that Lucky Charms has a “one-two” combination of effects that leaves them relaxed while keeping the mind engaged, paving the way for free-association in their thought patterns.

While Lucky Charms can bring a stiff, long-lasting high, it doesn’t have a high-powered THC level, meaning it generally won’t bring an immobilizing couchlock.

Overall, consumers say that Lucky Charms leaves them feeling happy, relaxed, uplifted, euphoric, or creative.

Like its namesake cereal, Lucky Charms has a delicious and enticing flavor profile that’s fruity, bold, and carries hints of pine.

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