Lemon Skunk, which is cultivated by DNA Genetics, is a sativa-dominant hybrid created by crossing two separate Skunk phenotypes with zesty lemon traits.

“Skunk” strains, which include Skunk #1, Skunk Hero, and Skunky Diesel, among many others, are known for their sour and earthy taste, and they can also bring the consumer a high-energy buzz that can work as a creative boost. Lemon Skunk’s mother strain is rumored to have originated in the Las Vegas cannabis scene, while its father strain is most likely from Holland.

Lemon Skunk made the High Times Top 10 strain list in 2009, and it’s been popular in the cannabis community ever since. This strain generally has a 60/40 sativa to indica ratio, and it is also very heavy and potent, meaning that it’s best suited for experienced consumers.

Some report that Lemon Skunk has “mood-elevating” properties and that it makes them happy, giggly, and carefree. This makes Lemon Skunk a good social strain, or one to enjoy at home with a few friends.

While Lemon Skunk is primarily an “exciting” strain, some say that its initial cerebral stimulation can lead to periods of thoughtful introspection.

Lemon Skunk’s body high is often described as numbing and calming, and can leave some consumers feeling lightly sedated. Inexperienced consumers could find themselves falling asleep an hour or two after first vaping Lemon Skunk.

Overall, consumers say that Lemon Skunk leave them feeling happy, uplifted, euphoric, relaxed, or energetic.

Lemon Skunk was specifically bred to have a pronounced, tangy lemon taste, and consumers will find that in spades after their first pull on the vape. Lemon Skunk’s aroma is sweet and skunky, and it also features some earthy notes on the exhale.

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