Lemon Diesel is a versatile indica-dominant hybrid that is a cross of the Lost Coast OG and California Sour strains.

One of Lemon Diesel’s parents, Lost Coast, is an indica-dominant hybrid with Chemdawg 4 genetics, and is known for its citrusy, earthy musk, courtesy of its OG terpene profile. And Lemon Diesel’s other parent, California Sour, is also a progenitor of Sour Lemon OG, and many say it provides the euphoric effects similar to that of many Mexican sativas.

Lemon Diesel was a top-ten finisher at the Emerald Cup for cannabis growers in 2010, and its popularity has only grown since then.

Lemon Diesel takes effect shortly after inhaling. Consumers say they first experience a mood boost, paired with a sense of contentment. As the high develops, many say they start to feel more focused and productive, making Lemon Diesel a go-to strain to vape before tackling any creative or administrative projects.

Consumers report that the physical high sets in a little bit later, leaving them feeling gentle, relaxed, and ready to take a peaceful, care-free nap. They also report that it can stimulate lucid dreams at higher doses.

Because Lemon Diesel can be so relaxing, it’s a good evening strain, or a strain for anyone who plans on spending the day indoors at home. Others say Lemon Diesel is a very “comfortable” strain, allowing them to easily settle into whatever atmosphere they are in, which makes it an ideal straight for social settings.

Overall, consumers say that Lemon Diesel leaves them feeling happy, euphoric, uplifted, relaxed, or energetic.

Lemon Diesel has a fresh flavor profile dominated by sweet lemon. After vaping, consumers may also pick up a pungent, bitter diesel taste on the exhale.

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