Jabberwocky, bred by the Colorado-based 303 Seeds, is a hybrid strain created by crossing the Lucky Charms and Bio Diesel F1 strains.

Lucky Charms, Jabberwocky’s first parent, is an energizing strain made by crossing The White and Appalachia strains. It’s known to lend consumers a euphoric high that encourages creativity. Meanwhile, Bio Diesel F1 is a balanced indica/sativa strain that won the 2009 Annual Medical Marijuana Harvest Cup.

Jabberwocky, which is named after the monster in “Alice Through Looking Glass,” generally has a 70:30 indica to sativa composition and an above-average THC content.

Due to its THC content, Jabberwocky is very potent (hence the inspiration for its name) and is recommended mainly for experienced consumers. Though it is indica-dominant, Jabberwocky provokes a “euphoric” high can trend a bit more into indica territory, with many consumers say that it gives them a boost that fills them with enough motivational energy to start tackling their to-do list. Most say that Jabberwocky gives them a clear-headed high, and that won’t bring about any anxiety or paranoia.

Jabberwocky’s body high falls over the consumer slowly, and many say it’s a very relaxing experience. Some report that Jabberwocky is best to vape in high doses at night, because within half an hour they are “sleeping like a baby.” When consumed in low doses, however, Jabberwocky’s high will probably remain a bit more subtle, meaning the consumer can go about their day without worrying about getting drowsy.

Overall, consumers say that Jabberwocky leaves them feeling happy, hungry, or aroused.

Jabberwocky’s terpenes give it an earthy, flower scent mixed in with hints of diesel and fresh spices. It also carries the aroma of fruity pine upon the exhale.

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