Guicy G is an indica-leaning hybrid created by crossing two potent strains The Guice (not to be confused with another strain called “The Juice”), and Triple OG.

The Guice, which is a balanced cross of the classic Gorilla Glue #4 X Orange Valley OG strains, is favored by many consumers as a delicious selection with a rich coffee taste and a sour coffee exhale. Meanwhile, Guicy G’s other parent, the indica-dominant Triple OG, is actually a three-way cross of the Triangle Kush, Constantine, and Master Yoda strains, and it’s known to bring consumers into a state of blissful relaxation.

These two parents have created a go-to strain for consumers seeking a profound and relaxing high.

Thanks to a relatively high THC level, Guicy G delivers a potent high that affects the mind and body in equal measures. The cerebral effect kicks in shortly after inhalation and brings positive feelings. As for the physical effects, cannabis enthusiasts say that Guicy G’s brings them into a state of blissful relaxation that can last for several hours.

Depending on each person’s experience with cannabis, however, Guicy G’s relaxing effects may not affect one’s energy level, making it a good daytime strain for some consumers. Other consumers say that they still feel relatively sociable after vaping, and that it has been a good strain to use during their creative endeavors.

Overall, consumers say that Guicy G leaves them feeling focused, happy, or uplifted. Others say it can stimulate the appetite.

Guicy G’s flavor profile is dominated by a sweet, tangy essence, with hints of pine, and the exhale will leave a juicy fragrance in the air.

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