Dankey Kong, created by the Colorado company 303 Seeds, is a heavily indica-dominant hybrid strain created by crossing the Kong and Bio Diesel strains.

Kong, which is bred by Holy Smoke Seeds, is itself a hybrid of the strain Motivation, which is then backcrossed with White Russian. It is known as a “powerhouse” strain that keeps the body relaxed and the mind happy. Meanwhile, Dankey Kong’s other parent, Bio Diesel, is an award-wining strain that is a four-way cross between Sour Diesel, Sensi Star, Original Diesel, and NYC Diesel. Consumers favor it for its intense, balanced high.

Dankey Kong generally has a 90/10 indica to sativa ratio and a strong concentration of THC. It’s a very potent strain, which makes it ideal for consumers seeking a profound indica high.

Consumers say that this strain brings on hard-hitting effects shortly after the first pull off the vape. Dankey Kong’s high usually manifests as a “lifted” effect that fills one’s mind with a sense of happiness, and some say that they also experience a “subtle tingle” in the back of their heads.

This tingly effect will soon travel throughout one’s body and lull the consumer into a deep state of relaxation. One reviewer also said that the body high from vaping Dankey Kong turned his legs into “rubbery snakes,” but while it indeed rendered him immobile, he was still able to enjoy a clear-headed high throughout his experience. This sedative body high will make it quite easy for one to enjoy a good night’s sleep or a long nap on a quiet day at home.

Overall, consumers say that Dankey Kong leaves them feeling euphoric, hungry, or uplifted.

Dankey Kong has a rich citrus aroma that also features sharp, peppery diesel upon the exhale.

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