Clockwork Orange is a potent hybrid strain with unknown genetics.

Matt Riot, the owner of the cannabis company Riot Seeds (which produces Clockwork Orange) has said that he acquired the original cut of Clockwork Orange from someone he met in Southern California. This person gave Matt Riot very little information besides the fact that the plant was a variation on the Alaskan Ice strain.

Alaskan Ice is an energizing strain that is a cross between White Widow and Haze, and Clockwork Orange does indeed display some of these effects. However, Alaskan Ice’s presence in Clockwork Orange’s lineage has yet to be confirmed.

Others postulate that Clockwork Orange is a cross of the strains G13 and Black Widow. G13 is a very potent indica, and Black Widow is a balanced, skunky hybrid made by crossing South American and South Indian parent strains.

What is known about Clockwork Orange is that it is an evenly-balanced hybrid with a 50/50 sativa to indica ratio and an average THC level. We also know that Clockwork Orange can lend the consumer euphoric cerebral effects that come on very quickly. some describe as “mind-warping.” This can help explain why the producers saw fit to title it after the classic Stanley Kubrick movie of the same name.

Most agree that Clockwork Orange’s body high is extremely powerful and numbing. Consumers remark that it gives them a relaxing, stony high that can make them very hungry (however, they’re usually unable to do anything about this, as they are trapped in a couch-clock).

As Clockwork Orange brings on an intense mix of effects, it is generally only recommended for experienced consumers.

Overall, consumers say that Clockwork Orange leaves them feeling uplifted, talkative, relaxed, hungry, or happy.

Clockwork Orange has a very earthy taste, and dank aroma with hints of pungent herbs.

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