Clementine Kush is an energizing sativa-dominant hybrid strain created by crossing the delicious Tangerine Sunrise and the Gupta Kush strains.

Tangerine Sunrise, one of Clementine Kush’s parents, is itself pure sativa hybrid strain bred from a potent cross of the insanely delicious Tangerine Haze and Hawaiian strains. It’s a popular Colorado strain known for its fresh orange juice aroma and bringing a clearheaded mental buzz.

Clementine Kush’s other parent, Gupta Kush, is an evenly-balanced hybrid named after Dr. Sanjay Gupta, one of today’s most influential cannabis advocates. It is a versatile, heady strain known for its calming effects.

Clementine Kush has a 70/30 sativa to indica ratio and a generally mild THC level.

Consumers report that Clementine Kush brings on a rush of cerebral energy soon after inhalation that helps them focus on creative endeavors. They say that Clementine Kush is good for “cleaning the house” or any other tasks at hand. Many consumers find that Clementine Kush is similar to other sativa-dominant strains in that it “lifts the spirit” and makes them feel like they’re “soaring.” One can also expect to experience a body high that brings about complete relaxation without any sedative effects.

Due to its balanced head/body effects, Clementine Kush is an ideal stain to vape at any time of day. And because it’s not a very potent strain, less-experienced consumers can partake in Clementine Kush without worrying about any less desirable side effects.

Overall, consumers say that Clementine Kush leaves them feeling happy, relaxed, euphoric, uplifted, or creative.

Clementine Kush has a vibrant flavor. Most consumers say that it’s sweet and tangy, with a light hint of earthy kushy on the exhale. Its aroma of fragrant floral citrus, meanwhile, also carries hints of earthy kush.


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