Chemdawg is a legendary stain with mysterious genetics and history. It’s commonly said, however, that Chemdawg was created when an American breeder once experimented with crossing Thai and Nepalese sativa landraces.

There are other theories for Chemdawg’s origin as well: some report that Chemdawg was first created after a few cannabis growers exchanged seeds at a Grateful Dead concert. Others say that one of Chemdawg’s parents is most likely a Colorado strain called “Dog Bud,” due to the fact that it makes one “roll over like a dog” after consuming.

Whatever its origin, the resulting strain has become quite popular in the American cannabis community due to its unique taste and energetic high.

Chemdawg is also frequently used as a parent strain, and is a progenitor of a few powerhouse strains such as Sour Diesel and OG Kush.

Chemdawg has a 45/55 sativa to indica ratio and a potent concentration of THC. Because it is so potent, most agree that Chemdawg is probably too strong for newer consumers, and even experienced enthusiasts should monitor their intake carefully.

Most consumers report that Chemdawg gets them high soon after their first hit off the vape. It lends one a cerebral buzz that can function as a creative aid or also foster periods of introspection. Others say that Chemdawg can sharpen the senses and give them an increased awareness of their surroundings.

While Chemdawg can help some consumers focus on a task, others find its high pleasantly disorienting. The effects ultimately depend on the individual consumer, however. Many remark it lends them a strong, heavy-bodied physical high as well. This body buzz probably won’t lead to a sedated couchlock, however.

Overall, consumers say that Chemdawg leaves them feeling happy, euphoric, relaxed, uplifted, or creative.

Chemdawg’s taste profile is spicy and also carries hints of diesel. Its aroma is very pungent and heavy on diesel.


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