All Glass Carts

All Glass Carts

– Bucket (or bowl) style atomizer creates larger hits and provides the capability to vaporize every last drop of oil.

– All Glass design, oil is never in contact with any metals

Usage Tips
– Do not over tighten battery to cartridge. If your battery blinks white, unscrew the cartridge from the battery one quarter turn and try again.

– Some consumers may experience a dry hit if not using the preheat function prior to vaping a new cartridge
Clicking the battery button twice will engage the preheat function allowing the oil to flow to the atomizer

– While vaping the cartridge it is very important to continue to inhale for two to three seconds after releasing the power button on the battery. This will clear out any residual vapor from the vapor tube. It will also allow the oil cool down and increase in viscosity circumventing any clogs that may arise as opposed to when the oil is overheated.

– Cartridge should be kept upright at all times. If cartridge is not kept upright consumers may see a small amount of oil in the vapor tube. This is due to the bucket/bowl style atomizer. The oil sits inside of a quartz bowl and if it remains on its side a small amount oil will pour out of the bowl and be visible in the vapor tube.

– If oil is visible within the vapor tube turn cartridge upright and click battery button twice engaging preheat function. This will lower the viscosity of the oil and allow the oil to subside.

– Oil sputtering is normal and should not be cause for alarm. This may cause some visible droplets of oil to form in the vapor tube. Periodically swabbing the vapor tube with an alcohol moistened q-tip is recommended.

– Zero heavy metals

– Smoother hits thanks to all glass design

Consistent premium quality.

Native terpenes. Gourmet edibles.

That’s the Northern Standard.

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