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Welcome to Northern Standard’s 2024 Connoisseurs program. You may now use your Connoisseurs Card to obtain a 25% discount on your purchases of Northern Standard brand products at our Breckenridge and Alma locations.


If you did not receive your referral cards, please stop by our Breckenridge or Alma locations to pick them up.  Please ensure your Connoisseur Card number is written on your referral cards prior to handing them out to ensure you can be credited with the referral. 


Your referrals will receive a one-time 20% discount on their first purchase of Northern Standard brand products.  In order to qualify, your referrals must be new customers, and their purchase must be in the amount of $100 or more. 


You will receive 50 Loyalty Points on qualifying purchases by your referrals.  Loyalty Points are also awarded on your own purchases at the rate of 1 Loyalty Point for each $1 spent. You will receive $25 in Kush Kash upon each accumulation of 500 Loyalty Points, which can be used toward the purchase of Northern Standard brand products at our Breckenridge or Alma locations.