Yummy is a high-CBD strain that was created by crossing the Granddaddy Kush with White Dawg strains.

Yummy’s Granddaddy Kush parent is a happy, relaxing strain that is itself a cross of Purple Urkle and Big Bud. Meanwhile, Yummy’s other parent, White Dawg, is an extremely potent cross between Chemdawg and White Fire OG that brings about a heavy body high in most consumers.

Yummy usually has about a 70/30 indica to sativa ratio, and it was originally bred for medicinal purposes by CDB Crew, a Northern California breeder. The recreational CBD iteration of Yummy is now known throughout the cannabis scene as a strain that is best paired with calm, meditative activities.

Yummy’s effects are generally described as balanced – not too heavy, and not too light. The effects may come on slowly as well, so consumers shouldn’t be concerned if they don’t feel much after their first hit on the vape.

Once Yummy’s cerebral effects take hold, one will start feeling happy and lively. As Yummy is a high-CBD strain, some have described it as a “super stress reliever,” and said that it makes them a little more chatty.

Yummy also produces a body high that creeps on slowly, and it will leave the consumer with a calm, relaxing sensation. It’s been described as an ideal “evening strain for when you need to catch up on your favorite TV show.”

Overall, consumers report that Yummy leaves them feeling relaxed, sleepy, happy, euphoric, or giggly.

Yummy’s taste profile is best described as sweet and minty, with some earthy and gassy hints as well. The consumer may also pick up on some notes of grape upon exhale.

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