Suzy Q is a potent, CBD-rich strain created by the California cultivator Burning Bush. It is one of the few strains on the market with unknown heritage, as Burning Bush has kept its breeding process confidential.

Some enthusiasts have noticed hints of hash and spice aromas when breaking apart Suzy Q’s flowers, which could signify the presence of the strains OG Kush or Afghani in Suzy Q’s lineage. This, however, is just conjecture at this point.

What we do know about Suzy Q is that it is a well-balanced strain with what many suspect is a perfect 50/50 sativa to indica ratio. As Suzy Q was specially bred to have a low THC content, it does not tend to provide consumers with any “typical” effects associated with the cannabis high. For many, this is a benefit, as consumers can vape Suzy Q without worrying about experiencing a hazy mental fog. Instead, they can enjoy the vape and go about their day with a calm, clear head.

Suzy Q does not lend any “trippy” or psychedelic effects, but consumers will pick up some on some subtleties a few minutes after consumption, including a light, pleasant pressure in the temples. This may be followed by a light tingle that starts in the neck, and moves outward into the consumer’s core and limbs.

As Suzy Q can provide one with a very relaxing experience, consumers may soon find themselves lying flat on their backs, breathing slowly, and enjoying the absence of any aches or pains.

Due to the fact that Suzy Q is not overly stimulating, it can be vaped at any time of day.

Overall, most consumers say that Suzy Q leaves them feeling relaxed, uplifted, focused, sleepy, or hungry.

Suzy Q has a sweet hickory pine flavor that is accompanied by an aroma that some say feels like a fragrant bouquet of flowers, sometimes mixed in with hints of freshly cut grass.

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