Sour Tsunami is a high-CBD strain that was created by crossing the Sour Diesel and NYC Diesel strains.

Sour Tsunami’s first parent, Sour Diesel (also called “Sour D”), is an energizing sativa that is a cross between Chemdawg and Super Skunk. It has a pungent flavor profile and smells like diesel, and has been popular in the cannabis community since the early 1990s.

Meanwhile, Sour Tsunami’s other parent, NYC Diesel, is a sweet citrus-flavored sativa that has won a slew of cannabis cup awards. NYC Diesel is primarily known for uplifting bursts of creative energy, which then gives way to a heavy, numbing body stain.

Sour Tsunami generally has a 60/40 sativa to indica ratio, and this strain, in particular, was among the first to be bred specifically with a high CBD content. It has a comparatively low THC level, which means that consumers apprehensive of typical “high” effects can vape Sour Tsunami without apprehension. This also applies to consumers who feel that modern-day strains can be a bit too potent for their linking.

Conversely, consumers who are seeking a vape that carries the effects of THC-heavy strains should probably give Sour Tsunami a pass.

Consumers praise Sour Tsunami’s focused head high and others report that it has the capacity to dull chronic pain. Since Sour Tsunami can be incredibly relaxing it’s best recommended as an evening strain. While different consumers will experience Sour Tsunami’s effects in different ways, most do agree that the low THC content gives them a “clear-headed” high.

Overall, consumers say that Sour Tsunami leaves them feeling relaxed, happy, focused, uplifted, or euphoric.

Sour Tsunami has a distinctive sweet and diesel fuel aroma with strong earthy notes, and it leaves a sour flavor on the taste buds.

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