The Northern Standard Story

Consistent premium quality. That’s the Northern Standard.

We never settle for subpar quality and constantly seek new ways to improve our products. We set the industry standard for full-spectrum extract consistency, purity, and flavor through our proprietary CO2 extraction process. Lower quality concentrates can have inconsistent flavors between batches and may have a burnt aftertaste. At Northern Standard, our CO2 extraction method delivers the same level of quality with every batch we produce.

We don’t add fillers, cutters or artificial flavorings to make our cannabis concentrates go further, and you won’t find any of the chemical residues often left by other extraction methods. From start to finish, consistency is our goal and we are confident that Northern Standard is a product you will return to time and time again.

Northern Standard is a cannabis extracts company proudly based in the beautiful historic Town of Alma, Park County, Colorado, grandly nestled between the Pike, San Isabelle and White River national forests.

Our company is founded on the same resilient pioneering spirit of the artisanal miners, craftsmen and tradesmen who in 1873 founded Alma – one of only six surviving communities of the estimated 46 that were formed in Park County during the 1800s Colorado gold and silver rushes.

Northern Standard draws inspiration from the dense national forests that surround us, containing two-thousand year old Bristlecone pines, geothermal hot springs, some of our nation’s tallest mountains, and many historical mining and mill sites that are gracefully fading back into their environment.

Mountain biking, hiking, camping, fishing, ice climbing, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing continue to grow in popularity in Park County, continuing a 150-year tradition of recreation in the area.  The natural landscape, historic locations, wildlife, and highly educated, colorful people who make Park County their home are magnets for artists, filmmakers, and photographers.

Very little of the mining activity that shaped Alma and Park County remains today.  Northern Standard is proud to contribute to the local economy by engaging in a new, greener industry based on an eco-friendly, renewable resource.

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